The Queen’s Heart Release

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen…

RELEASE DAY for The Queen’s Heart is


The Queen’s Heart is the second book in the Freedom Fight Trilogy.

Ready to pick it up? Click here> The Queen’s Heart

Want more information? Read on…

This book is in the same world as The Key of F, with the same characters, but it goes much deeper into the personalities of the characters and their relationships than the last one. It raises the stakes to a terrible cost.

Four teens must journey through mountains, jungle, beach, and an uncharted sea to find a rescue device on a magical island before the Source Wizard turns an entire dimension of people into monstrous machines.

The kindle version will launch for only $0.99! You can’t beat that. Well, I hope you can’t. What are you waiting for? Get something new to read!

Purchase here:

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