It was a pleasure working with Jennifer Haskin. She did a fantastic job with my work and taught me much along the way. It was exciting to get some good professional feedback from her as we went about the process. I was happy with how she related to my story, even though it may be slightly off her normal subject matter. I appreciated the straight forward advice and timely back and forth conversation it took to put forward the best product possible. I look forward to working with her again.

~Bret Wonnacott (Author of A Millionaire’s Dream)

A Millionaire's Dream: a novel by [Bret Wonnacott]

Jennifer is a supportive and insightful editor. She understood my underlying concept, while providing vital insights on how the events of my character’s life fit into what I was trying to build. Jennifer suggested changes that, although minor in implementation, had a monumental effect on the sensibility of the novel and its potential place on America’s bookshelves. This type of perception is far more valuable than simple recommendations on form and grammar.

~Suzanne Mattaboni (Author of Once in a Lifetime)

Jennifer was a great help at improving the grammar, conciseness and clarity of my prose. I was nervous handing over my labor of love, but she understood, respected and enhanced the story I had created. I would happily recommend her.

~Beth Kirschner (Author of Copper Divide)

Jennifer Haskin is a supportive, knowledgeable, and insightful editor with the best intentions of the work at heart.  Not only did she offer incredible suggestions and recommendations for my novel, but also she inspired revisions and new directions that will forever benefit the finished product.  I cannot say enough about her work and guidance, and my novel is truly indebted to her critical eye. 

~Dean Serravalle (Author of Reincarnate)

Jennifer Haskin is an excellent editor who pays attention to detail. She found areas in my manuscript that needed to be made more clear, and she helped with spacing problems. Working with her was a pleasure, and she was very patient with my computer shortcomings. I would highly recommend her as an editor!

~Dale Rogers (Author of Lighthouse on Tortola)

To Jennifer Haskin, whose editing skills caught my errors, suggested clearer language, yet preserved my original voice. It’s a pleasure to work with you, not only for your professional expertise but your timeliness and open communications. 

~Mike Krentz (Author of Dead Already and Angels Falling)

Dead Already by [Mike Krentz]
Angels Falling by [Mike Krentz]

Jenn Haskin is a light-handed and sympathetic editor who was a pleasure to work with. Not only did she catch some lingering errors in my (already carefully prepared) manuscript, she made an excellent suggestion for an additional chapter that improved the book greatly.

~Carolyn Korsmeyer (Author of Charlotte’s Story)

        As the editor of my novel, Grudge Tiger, Jenn was a pure pleasure to work with. Her revisions and plot insights allowed me to take my manuscript to the next level. I very much appreciated her collaborative approach as well as her high level of expertise.

Grudge Tiger by [Judith Fournie Helms]

Jenn is great to work with. She is professional and quite knowledgeable—and kind with her corrections and advice!

~Shelley Burchfield (Author of The Earth Remains)

Jenn Haskin is an amazing editor – I highly recommend working with her if you have the opportunity!

~Caroline Barney (Author of The Trebor Tales)

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Return of the Malpeds (Trebor Tales Book 2) by [Caroline C.  Barney]
Fire and Water (Trebor Tales Book 3) by [Caroline C. Barney]

Jenn Haskin was a dream to work with! Her comments are incisive and helpful. I never felt like she was tearing down; she was always building up. Highly recommend Jenn with your baby!

~Nancy Nau Sullivan (Author of The Boys of Alpha Block)

Working with Jenn was a great experience. She has amazing attention to detail and a big heart. I’d work with her again in a moment and highly recommend her to any writer who wants an editor who can make a manuscript shine.

~Susan Keller (Author of Blood Brother)

Jenn is an insightful and thoughtful editor. She has an excellent command of language and grammar, catching things that I had missed. In terms of story development, she suggested that I rewrite two chapters of my novel and gave me spot-on guidance. The finished product was so much better for it. She is also a very nice person and is great to work with.

~Jenn Bouchard (Author of First Course)

I work as a textbook editor as my day job, so I understand the importance of a great editor. Jennifer definitely knows her stuff!

~Gina Linko (Author of Nothing Else is Love)

Jennifer Haskin has edited [four] books of mine, and I could not be more pleased. She is professional and always responds within twenty-four hours to any questions you may have. Her editing remarks are clear and truly help the author advance in their profession from book to book. She is also completely dedicated to your project and won’t hesitate to try and help you bring your vision forward. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for the very best editor for their project.

~Christie Leigh Babirad (Author of The Christmas Break, Where You Are, Sapphire Stars, and Scarlet Secrets)

The Christmas Break by [Christie Leigh Babirad]
Where You Are: Sequel to As the Winds Change by [Christie Leigh Babirad]
Sapphire Stars: Poems by [Christie Leigh Babirad]

Jenn is very thorough, observant, personable, communicative/responsive, and overall great to work with. She cares about the author and your work — she wants your book to do as well as you do. She works hard, well, and quickly.

~Rachel Passer (Author of The King of Minear’s Son)

I very much enjoyed working with Jenn on my middle grade novel. She was patient and enthusiastic. She had excellent suggestions regarding how to improve critical parts of my story. Jenn invited my participation in the process so I never felt she had taken over my story, but she was firm where necessary!

~Reyna Marder Gentin (Author of My Name is Layla)

Jenn was an excellent editor and very professional, as well as responsive. The quality of her work was exemplary.

~Robert Babirad (Author of In Transit Passenger)

Jennifer Haskin helped me put the finishing touches on a manuscript that had been languishing on my desk for years. Now I am looking forward to its traditional publication in 2021; a dream come true!

~Kristine Simelda (Author of Rise Up, Sista)

It was such a great experience. She did an excellent job with both the technical aspects and the creative feedback of the process. She was respectful of protecting my voice and vision while providing meaningful edits and feedback.

~Steve Prentice (Author of Seventh Generation)

Jenn was my assigned editor at my publisher and I loved working with her. She’s smart and professional and explains everything. When I had questions or I wasn’t sure if I agreed with her changes, she was totally open to a conversation. I really value her input and I think she elevated my book. I’m so glad I got to work with her.

~Sarahlyn Bruck (Author of Daytime Drama)

Daytime Drama by [Sarahlyn Bruck]

Jennifer Haskin was my agent for several months and I found her to be dedicated, knowledgeable, helpful, energetic and devoted to promoting her clients’ best interests.  She was most creative in exploring new ways to get her stable’s work before the publishers.  I wish her the best of success in any new endeavor and wouldn’t hesitate, should the opportunity arise, to work with her again.

~Mark Scheel (Author of AND EVE SAID YES)

Jen Haskin is more than a faceless editor checking commas and phrasing.

She takes the time to understand a writer’s unique voice, and defends it.

During my editing process I never felt rushed, and most importantly to me, I was never pushed toward outside opinions.

I highly recommend her for any writing project. She is a talented delight.

~M.T. Maliha (Author of The Wavery Estate)

Waverly Estate: Ghost Dance by [M.T. Maliha]
Waverly Estate: The Murmur by [M.T. Maliha]
Betwixted (Waverly Estate Book 3) by [M. T.  Maliha]

Jennifer Haskin has worked with me on two novels: The Castle and Wolf Catcher. I’ve done projects with editors at three other traditional publishers and have not had anyone who worked as hard as Jenn to get things right. And she managed to do this with kindness and grace. Anyone who has worked on editing a manuscript under deadline knows there can be a lot of stress, but I found that Jenn always kept things positive. I’d be happy to work with her anytime.                                                                                 

~Anne Montgomery (Author of Wolf Catcher and The Castle)

Wolf Catcher by [Anne Montgomery]
The Castle: A novel by [Anne Montgomery]

Jennifer Haskin is an amazing editor who I would highly recommend. She is professional and concise, providing a perfect balance between constructive critique and complimentary comment. I thoroughly enjoyed my editing process, since Jennifer Haskin recorded the suggested edits in such a clear manner. Not only did she suggest edits where needed in my work, but she suggested examples of other ways to express phrases and such. Jennifer answers questions with possible answers rather than answering a question with a question which I experienced in college. Jennifer is proficient as a writer herself, and as an editor. I respect Jennifer’s expertise and have learned from her editing of my writing. 

-Cheryl Babirad (Author of “Reflections: Past and Present“-Poetry & Prose *Coming in 2022)

Jenn, over these last months I have been impressed by your unique combination of industry knowledge, professionalism and personal warmth. You have been clear, informative and supportive while working on various editing, concept and contractual issues. Thank you for the energy and insights you have provided. I honestly wish the very best in a new position and hope we will cross paths again.

~Missy Burke (Author of LYRIC CAL)

I am pleased to recommend Jennifer Haskin for the position of literary agent. As one of her clients, she has demonstrated professionalism and knowledge in the field of publication. I can say with confidence that my experience of navigating the complex world of publishing was made understandable thought the expertise of Mrs. Haskin. Without her belief in my writing, I would still be seeking representation and the dream of publication would be just that—but because of her capability, I am now a published author. Not only is she supportive of her authors, she works tirelessly for them. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and familiarity in the realm of publishing are building blocks used to guarantee and acquire the best possible contracts for her authors. After signing on with Mrs. Haskin she secured a publishing contract for me within two months. She is warm and friendly, an award writing author, and possess a critical eye for talent. Not only does she encourage her authors but seeks the best possible outcome for her clients and happily achieves that result for them.

~Karen Neary (Author of DEATH IN DISGUISE)

Death in Disguise (A Beth Getty Mystery Book 1) by [Karen Neary Smithson]

Jenn, you were so helpful and encouraging to me. I appreciated how specific your comments were, and the help in knowing how to proceed. I know that wherever I land in my journey, you and the rest of Metamorphosis will be cheering me on!

~Beth Carroll (Author)

I am so pleased to have Metamorphosis Literary Agency represent me. Jenn has been a pleasure to work with. From the moment I signed she was in my corner—promptly responding to my inquiries, keeping me abreast of developments and occasionally emailing me interesting articles about writing, publishing and marketing. She is genuine in her desire to help me succeed. Within three weeks I had two requests for fulls. It’s like having my own personal cheerleader!

-Kim Hamilton (Author of ACCIDENTAL LAWYER)

Accidental Lawyer: A fun, legal thriller, mystery by [Kim Hamilton]

Jennifer Haskin is a talented writer and artist that is a huge asset to what ever project she manages or creates. Jennifer has a personality that is witty and gracious at the same time. She takes note of what she learns from every situation and applies it to future endeavors. Jennifer is a great wealth of knowledge and would be a resource for whomever or where ever she applies her talents.

Autumn Mitchell Entrepreneur – Owner of See.Me.KC – Owner of See.My.Credit October 12, 2017

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I attended Jennifer Haskin’s workshop on Ways Authors Can Market Themselves at the 2017 Missouri Writers Guild Conference. Jennifer shared great insights and strategies for authors to build their brand, market their books, and reach the most readers. I especially liked her creative live demonstration of the differences between branding, advertising, marketing, and word of mouth. Her presentation created a lively discussion amongst attendees and benefited beginning as well as seasoned authors

Sheri Fink

Inspirational Speaker | #1 Best-selling, Award-winning Author | President of “The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink” Brand

The Little Rose (Anti-Bullying Book about Authenticity and Overcoming Adversity)

The help so far has been fantastic, and the patience has been even better. Its clear that you have a full understanding of how agents work and the things they’re looking for. You listened to everything I said and took the time to break down each individual thing we discussed. Friendliness is amazing, there’s no doubt about that, communication can be a little long, but i can’t be a hypocrite there, i do the same things myself when it comes to replying to people, ha! I personally feel as if you’ve done an amazing job with helping out. I’m very happy and I’ve been able to learn a ton myself about how to properly write a query. I have no doubt that i will be coming to you more in the future for other things i will need help on. I’m comfortable with that. And on the topic of comfort, originally i felt kind of awkward asking help with my query and first chapter, i had never done that before, but when we emailed each other the awkwardness on my end faded very quickly.

-Michael Brightside (Author of IN OUR WAYWARD TIME: PART 1)

Church Group: Not all worship is about religion by [Michael Brightside]

“I really valued your reviews and found your notes very helpful.”

-Alexis Leder (Author)

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all the help you’ve given me.

Your knowledge of the industry is nothing short of fantastic!  For someone trying to break in, you’ve been extremely accessible, responsive and helpful.  Your engaging personality helps, too.  Everyone else in the business seems too busy to even return emails.  You take your time and explain it in a way that makes sense and is very helpful.  You always respond like a friend, which means a lot.

As I go forward with this little adventure, I just wanted you to know, you continue to provide excellent advice and a comforting smile that keeps me going.

Thanks again,

-Bill DeFoor (Author of Memory Recall)

MEMORY RECALL: A SciFi Adventure Mystery (2129 Series – Book One) by [Bill DeFoor]

Jennifer has been such a blessing in my writing life. She has been so kind and patient in helping me with the smallest of details on my query letter, and even offered to help with my synopsis and beginning pages of my story. She is someone who roots for you on your writing journey and will go above and beyond to help you get there. I am so glad to have had the opportunity of receiving her feedback to learn and create a great query letter. Thank you again Jennifer, you are truly a wonderful soul.

-Hope McKee

Jennifer is helpful in guiding new authors on a variety of topics from marketing to query edits. She is extremely knowledgeable, welcoming and easy to work with. Would recommend her to any new author looking for advice on writing, marketing or publishing.

-Nicole Carver

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