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When editing, I find it hard not to give each author the full package, whether they choose it or not. No matter which package you choose (below), I will provide my full attention to detail. I look at spelling, grammar, and punctuation of course, but I will also tell you things I might change and comment on issues regarding plausibility and plot holes, voice, flow, pacing, story elements, and anything that comes to mind when reading your work.

I edit from the perspective of an agent looking for a submission to choose, and as a publishing house editor who wants to polish your book before publication, and finally, as a published author who has learned what people are buying.

  • Proofreading— $2/per page
  • Line editing– $0.06/per word or $5/per page
  • MS Revision– $25/per hour
  • Copy editing– $0.03/ per word or $3/per page
  • Developmental– $0.09/per word or $15/per page
  • Query submission consultation— $75/per submission of query/synopsis/ sample writing

Don’t know the difference between each package? Look below:

Proofreading = looking for typos, formatting issues, grammatical mistakes, appropriateness of title, basically a comprehensive polishing before you query or self-publish

Copy editing = grammar and spelling, language mechanics, punctuation, style, comments on quality and voice, kind of a third or fourth draft edit

Line editing = all the above plus comments on plot elements/holes, character descriptions, infodumps, story essentials, storytelling voice, readability/flow, marketability, kind of like a second or third draft edit

Developmental editing = all the above, plus feedback on writing and storytelling craft, voice overall, trajectory of plot, I will ask bigger questions about character changes, weaving the theme, elimination of infodumps, use of imagery, how to strengthen your story, how to form the first chapter to attract agentskind of a beginner’s edit, or first draft

Query consultation = I will look at your query as an agent who is receiving it from the slush pile. I will show you where/how to grip the agent with your summary, how to write/format your synopsis, and I will give deep feedback on your sample writing.

To order edits, click the contact button above and send your request. Let me know your name, email, and which package suits you. Feel free to include your materials. I will return your email with a confirmation of receipt, and the date I can have the material completed for you. Turnaround is usually within a month or two.

I look forward to working with you!


Contact me

I accept payment through Paypal*: paypal.me/JenniferHaskin

*However, do not let payment stop you from contacting me. If you need to work out a deal, I am happy to work with you.