Agent Questions Volume Two: What to Include in Your Author Website

What do I put on my author website?


  1. Newsletter sign up- Your newsletter is not just another thing you have to do to maintain status as an author. Many authors will attest to the benefit of having a mailing list, and will tell you that a majority of direct sales come from that venue. Think of a captive audience, don’t we all love to get mail? What if it’s got cute stationary? If it’s hand written like someone actually cares about them as a customer? How many people would be happy to receive a coupon, or an invite to order your book, getting an exclusive gift-with-purchase? Are you seeing the possibilities?
  2. Blog- things you’ve learned as a writer, your publishing journey as a diary, snippets of your personal life, info that corresponds with the subjects in your book, education on issues that your characters face, think outside the box. Look at other author blogs and get more ideas.large-10.jpg
  3. Novels page- list all your writing. Once you’ve published a handful of books, or even one, this is the place where you will list your book, add the hook (info on the back of the book), and its link to Amazon for purchase. Until then, call this page “Writing” and list all the writing you’ve done, especially any published works. You can list here any education you’ve had in the writing field and what you’ve been writing. Tell us about the book you’re trying to publish, get us excited.
  4. About the author- put anything about yourself and/or your writing process that is appropriate.                                                                                                                                                                                large-9.jpg
  5. Guide for study & book clubs- Have you made a study guide for your book to use in book clubs? Research this topic and create one to post here. Then, if you happen to know of book clubs reviewing your book, list them here as well.
  6. Contact info- Whatever information you are comfortable sharing as far as contact goes. Many website templates come with a “contact” page that requires the visitor to fill out their own information for you, and sends you a message to contact the reader. This could give you more reader contacts for your newsletter. You can also answer questions on your blog as FAQ, for everyone.18948-To-Read-Or-Not-To-Read.jpg
  7. News and events- mention favorite conferences you’ve been to, or are going to; classes you are taking, or would like to take (tag people); book signings that you will be having, or that you will be present at. Again, use your imagination. If you’ve just found out writing news that is about someone other than yourself, this would be the place to put it, until you have enough information about yourself to share.
  8. Book reviews of your favorite books– in your opinion, add reviews of others’ books. Maybe contact other authors and make a deal to review their book on your site, if they will review your book on their site. Or review other books in your genre, books that you think are good matches for yours. Kind of like an “if you liked this book, you’ll love mine” type of deal.wanatah-public-library.jpg
  9. Contests- really think out of the box here. What contests could you do? The chance of a prize for anyone who reviews your book in a specific month? Gift with purchase for all customers in a certain month? Like, share, and follow to receive the chance at a free book? Search other author contests to get creative ideas.
  10. Reviews of your work, awards won- this is the page where you will list the reviews you get for your own book. One of your best friends is “the book blogger,” and Instagram has regular bookstagrams made by book bloggers. Whenever, or wherever, or from whomever, you can get a book review, post it here.


Happy posting…




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