Summer Reading Contest 2018- Two months to go!

The Books and Questions: (Keep your eyes open, these books are occasionally free, discounted, or up for giveaway!)       In The Key of F, name three powers Fale reawakens.       In Lucifer: Soldiers, Serpents, and Sin, what's the name of the place where the Oralians are born?     … Continue reading Summer Reading Contest 2018- Two months to go!

Summer Reading Contest 2018 Email HASKIN.AUTHOR@GMAIL.COM with the answers to the following questions from the selected books. Each correct answer equals one entry into the drawing. Tell us if you have left an Amazon review, as each review will equal another entry into our drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card, author swag, samples of upcoming … Continue reading Summer Reading Contest 2018

On the Prowl– hunting for my intern

Opening for Literary Agent Intern Company Information Metamorphosis Literary Agency Interning for Jennifer Haskin Twitter @Haskinauthor How to Apply Sign agreement (it will be emailed to you) Email resume/or history in publishing experience Why do you want to be an intern? What are the last 10 books you read?  Contemporary- no classics … Continue reading On the Prowl– hunting for my intern


  Title: Unmasked Author: Maggie Mundy ISBN EBOOK: 978-1-62420-323-7 ISBN POD: 978-1547054831   Genre: Paranormal Romance Excerpt Heat Level: 1 Book Heat Level: 4     TAGLINE   Corrupted magic is hard to fight when you’re the only one who believes something is wrong. Daria faces a battle to save her world.     BLURB … Continue reading Unmasked

NY Times Best Seller’s List to Focus on their Core Books

What was the point of the NY Times cutting 10 categories from its Best Seller’s list? Would it possibly make sales more difficult for smaller publishers and new authors? It began February 5th, 2017 when the New York Times cut the following category/ genre lists: Manga, paperback and hardcover graphic novels, Children’s middle grade paperbacks … Continue reading NY Times Best Seller’s List to Focus on their Core Books

Testimonials for The Key of F

The world you've created is quite fascinating. Robotic parts, sector differentiation, wrist band scanners- it's all something the modern reader can picture easily and relate. You've almost created an alternate -reality of our own world, which is utterly fascinating to experience. --Morgan Stemberger (professional editor) Overall, this was just a really great read! I enjoyed … Continue reading Testimonials for The Key of F