The Journey to Making a Bestseller: Beta Readers (Series #6)

I haven’t even written in my WIP this week. No word count change. Ugh. I told you that you could catch up to me this week. Yes, I have a new client who needs me to read, but I have spent my time on my trilogy these last few days, so I can give her my full attention. I was learning how to create Amazon ads, learning about marketing techniques, and sending out review requests for The Key of F and The Queen’s Heart, and looking for betas for the third book.

Which brings me to today’s post.

YOU can help make a great book! I am currently…

Have you ever wanted to be a beta reader?
Now’s your chance to read more about it.

First, I can hear you asking…

Wikipedia says... 

The good news is, you don’t have to know anything about me, the book, or editing! I will be needing beta readers for the third book in my trilogy. It is a YA fantasy/romance called, The Final Rescue. Here’s the blurb:

She’s a warrior princess.
He’s a runaway slave.
Together they’ve battled their way around the globe, lost members of their team, found what they were searching for.
Now their army is ready and waiting for their return and the epic finale to the mage war.

But what does a beta reader do?
They read the manuscript and answer questions like these…

Mark it all up with a red pen!

I will not be sending out the manuscript until September.
so you have time to spare, but I need to know who is committing
to be on my team. If you read for me, your name will go in the “Acknowledgements” section in the book
and I will send you free book swag, if you desire.
(And live in the continental US.)

If you think you would like to be a beta reader,
comment below or email me at: with your name, preferred email (if not the one you sent from), and format of the manuscript that you need: i.e. EPUB, pdf, or Mobi (for Kindle).

Addendum 9/2/19 I’d like to add a bit. Maybe you’re an author thinking, boy I could use some beta readers! Where can I get some? Well, first, think of anyone you know, beta reading is what you use your friends and family for, NOT editing. You want their opinions and want them to find the plot holes. Once you’ve exhausted that bank, there are other options.

  1. You could advertise- if you are a writer, you may have fans or a blog, or newsletter. Ask any of those groups, like I did on this blog. I had 23 people volunteer for this book.

2. Put it out on Twitter (under hashtags like #betareader and #Writingcommunity) and Facebook on pages dedicated to writing and/or beta reading.

3. Check your local community college English department. Many college students can get credit for reading and practice with their editing/content reading and evaluating skills.

4. There are sites online (like that offer beta reading services. They have people sign up to be betas and when you pay them an amount, they make your book available to those people and they can choose to read it or not.

       Be my superhero and help a new book become the best it can be! 

As with anything, you can Google beta reading and get a plethora of ideas and tips, etc. Just read reviews on any service before you purchase an expensive package. If they’ve screwed someone else, trust me, someone’s put it online. Just google for reviews of that service and trust the authors. That’s all I can think of, but if you have ideas for finding beta readers that I haven’t covered, please comment below!

Be one or be square. Lol.

All my best. ~jenn

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