Introducing: The Queen’s Heart- Cover Reveal

“Keron found a small campsite nearby and gathered sticks together, having Fale light a fire. She felt powerful that night for some reason, standing on the mountain top, facing the moon and the endless ocean. She spread her arms out wide and let fire spray from her palms into the rock ring before her. She’d been here before. As a majestic queen, doing this very thing. She let the magic course through her.

“Fale.” Hands gripped her arms, pulling them down, but she was so close to remembering something important. She couldn’t stop. She could see a man beckoning to her, someone she cared deeply for, someone with a claw tattoo on the back of his hand and his face… Everything went black.” 

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If you would like to read a pre-release copy, I would love to have a few reviews ready for the book launch on June 22nd. Just send an email to with: The Queen’s Heart in the subject line, and I will send you a free copy. Include in the message whether you would like a .pdf copy, or a MOBI file for Kindle reading.

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