Agent Questions Volume Sixteen: Sixty Marketing Ideas

I am often asked if I have marketing ideas…

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I have a few. Too many to list here. I am currently making a table of websites used for author/book marketing. It’s going to take me a while to fill out prices, requirements, and need to know information. I may post sections of it when it’s finished. If I am feeling magnanimous, I will post the whole thing.

What do you think? Are you interested in that? Comment below.

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But I don’t want to leave you with nothing, either. Here is the list I use to get started. The last few are websites to check out. If you have more ideas to add, let me know below and I’ll include them in my future lists.

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Things I can do as an author to promote my book(s):

  1. Make a Facebook author page
  2. Create a media kit with business cards, a headshot, and biography
  3. Make a “one-sheet” with book cover, description, blurbs, and recommendations
  4. Build a website with blog, sample chapters, Amazon link, media kit, book reviews, schedule of appearances, bio, and contact information
  5. Get book reviews from: friends, ezines, magazines, Amazon, bloggers, beta readers, fellow authors, review sites that match readers with authors
  6. Get a quote from a “comp” author to put on your cover
  7. Link the book to my email signature
  8. Write articles on writing, research, or subjects in your story
  9. Make and post online videos where you talk about your writing process and your books
  10. Make a Goodreads author page
  11. Register as an author on Amazon
  12. Create a book trailer (or hire someone)
  13. Create a hashtag for your book
  14. Create a fan page for my main character
  15. Make a Pinterest folder about my book with quotes, ads, character photos, maps, etc.
  16. Make a newsletter to send your mailing list
  17. Join BookSweeps multi-author giveaway to get a mailing list of people who choose you
  18. Get an interview with local papers and radio
  19. Partner with a band, local or otherwise
  20. Sell themed merchandise- bookmarks, t-shirts, mugs, candles, tea or coffee, tote bags
  21. Host a book release party at a bookstore, community center, and/or hold a virtual book release
  22. Give book readings at: Starbuck’s, hospitals, local bookstores, library, community college, nursing homes
  23. Donate books to: women’s shelter, retirement homes, libraries, prisons
  24. Have a Goodreads giveaway- used to be free, now costs $100
  25. Make YouTube videos about your subject matter
  26. Have a book signing
  27. Bribe a local book club with brownies- LOL
  28. Have contests and challenges for something free
  29. Use public relations and associate with a charity or other worthy cause
  30. Build an Instagram platform
  31. Learn to tweet/engage readers and authors on Twitter (Read my previous blog post on how: )
  32. Start a blog or use the one on your website- post consistently/weekly
  33. Make coupons (using Vistaprint) for book signings, launches, or established readers
  34. Hold short term price reductions
  35. Develop a brand
  36. Offer free or trial-size sample chapter, or prequel, or short story
  37. Have a giveaway contest: in your child’s school teacher’s lounge, in a local dorm (if your book is YA or older), in the grocery store breakroom, your spouse’s breakroom, if allowed.  Expand your thinking.
  38. Hire a PR group
  39. Request local libraries to carry your books/join any ReadLocal programs available
  40. Interviews- get trusted blogs and magazines, ezines, and podcasts to interview you
  41. ($97)
  42. Ramp up social media – include: Tumblr, vine, snapchat, any places where you targeted audience hangs out
  43. Connect with author groups- such as #supportindiewriters, #WritingCommunity, or Writer’s Unite on FB (There are lots of author groups to join on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. Search for them and join.)
  44. Put book name in forum signatures with amazon link
  45. Become an Amazon Affiliate and get a short link for your book to put everywhere and get paid when people click on it- look it up
  46. Do guest blogs- advertise on social media
  47. Become active in the reading community and/or writing community
  48. Start a local book club – use websites: MeetUp or FBevents
  49. Submit to national book clubs- write cover letter
  50. Submit to subscription book club boxes
  51. Contact book review bloggers for reviews and/or blog tours
  52. Learn hashtags to optimize your posts
  60. forums.onlinebookclub
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I hope you came across a few things that you hadn’t thought of and made you happy. Great. I have other articles on marketing. Would you rather have writing advice, publishing advice, or marketing advice? Or what combination of the above? Leave me some comments. And while you’re at it, give me some of your questions that I can answer in future blogs.

All my best,


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