Testimonials and Referrals

The world you’ve created is quite fascinating. Robotic parts, sector differentiation, wrist band scanners- it’s all something the modern reader can picture easily and relate. You’ve almost created an alternate -reality of our own world, which is utterly fascinating to experience.
–Morgan Stemberger (professional editor)

Overall, this was just a really great read! I enjoyed it so much and I think that if the rest of the book is as solid as this section, it will soon be ready to go out to agents and publishers. Congratulations on a great book!
–Jessica deBruyn (professional editor- http://www.trueimaginary.com )

The fantasy setting is well-developed and I enjoy the mixture of fantasy, contemporary, and futuristic elements. The necessary thought and planning to do it well is there, and I appreciate the inclusion of the maps at the beginning.
The story is likewise developed in a way that makes good use of the setting. Fale and her back story make a compelling focus for the novel.
–Aaron Kaiserman (Literature professor)

The plot premise seems to be, “young woman who has recently come into newfound power, must figure out what her gifts are and how to use them before what she doesn’t know kills her.” I think it can carry the story. There are some fairly interesting people, and lots of interesting undercurrents I don’t fully understand yet, so that makes me want to keep reading.
–Rachel Hoff (English teacher/editor)

The perfect blend of action and romance, The Key of F is a gripping story that I was still thinking about weeks after reading. These characters will find their way directly into your heart as the intricate plot keeps your blood pumping from the first page through to the end.

–Review from Jessica DeBruyn- editor

All hail the amazing Fale! The Key of F was an action packed fun read where the heroine fights her own battles. Fale and her group of friends show strength and intelligence as they work together to uncover the truth of Fale’s past. They evade attempts on their lives with courage and cunning. The group dynamic among the characters is angst filled and satisfying and the chemistry with her handsome crush is sizzling.

–Review from Patty Carothers and Amy Brewer–authors of Texting Prince Charming


Jennifer Haskin was my agent for several months and I found her to be dedicated, knowledgeable, helpful, energetic and devoted to promoting her clients’ best interests.  She was most creative in exploring new ways to get her stable’s work before the publishers.  I wish her the best of success in any new endeavor and wouldn’t hesitate, should the opportunity arise, to work with her again.

~Mark Scheel (Author of AND EVE SAID YES)

Jenn, over these last months I have been impressed by your unique combination of industry knowledge, professionalism and personal warmth. You have been clear, informative and supportive while working on various editing, concept and contractual issues. Thank you for the energy and insights you have provided. I honestly wish the very best in a new position and hope we will cross paths again.

~Missy Burke (Author of Lyric Cal)

I am pleased to recommend Jennifer Haskin for the position of literary agent. As one of her clients, she has demonstrated professionalism and knowledge in the field of publication. I can say with confidence that my experience of navigating the complex world of publishing was made understandable thought the expertise of Mrs. Haskin. Without her belief in my writing, I would still be seeking representation and the dream of publication would be just that—but because of her capability, I am now a published author. Not only is she supportive of her authors, she works tirelessly for them. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and familiarity in the realm of publishing are building blocks used to guarantee and acquire the best possible contracts for her authors. After signing on with Mrs. Haskin she secured a publishing contract for me within two months. She is warm and friendly, an award writing author, and possess a critical eye for talent. Not only does she encourage her authors but seeks the best possible outcome for her clients and happily achieves that result for them.

~Karen Neary (author of Death in Disguise)

Jenn, you were so helpful and encouraging to me. I appreciated how specific your comments were, and the help in knowing how to proceed. I know that wherever I land in my journey, you and the rest of Metamorphosis will be cheering me on!

~Beth Carroll (Author)

I am so pleased to have Metamorphosis Literary Agency represent me. Jenn has been a pleasure to work with. From the moment I signed she was in my corner—promptly responding to my inquiries, keeping me abreast of developments and occasionally emailing me interesting articles about writing, publishing and marketing. She is genuine in her desire to help me succeed. Within three weeks I had two requests for fulls. It’s like having my own personal cheerleader!

~Kim Hamilton (author of Accidental Lawyer)

Jennifer Haskin is a talented writer and artist that is a huge asset to what ever project she manages or creates. Jennifer has a personality that is witty and gracious at the same time. She takes note of what she learns from every situation and applies it to future endeavors. Jennifer is a great wealth of knowledge and would be a resource for whomever or where ever she applies her talents.

Autumn Mitchell

Entrepreneur – Owner of See.Me.KC – Owner of See.My.Credit

October 12, 2017

I attended Jennifer Haskin’s workshop on Ways Authors Can Market Themselves at the 2017 Missouri Writers Guild Conference. Jennifer shared great insights and strategies for authors to build their brand, market their books, and reach the most readers. I especially liked her creative live demonstration of the differences between branding, advertising, marketing, and word of mouth. Her presentation created a lively discussion amongst attendees and benefited beginning as well as seasoned authors

Sheri Fink

Inspirational Speaker | #1 Best-selling, Award-winning Author | President of “The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink” Brand

May 17, 2017