2 Writer Switch

I have 5 steps to complete your next marketing project. I would like to switch books with another author. As many authors as I can. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. I’ve titled my plan the 2 Writer Switch. This is all about it:

What do we do?

1} Swap books

2} Give one another reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and whatever sites we decide on.

3} If we mutually enjoy each other’s stories, we can: Join each others’ mailing lists, connect on social media, and share one another’s books on our own social media sites.

Simple. Who doesn’t want more exposure, more friends, more books, more reviews, and more connections?

4} Simply email a .pdf copy of your traditionally or self-published book to: 2writerswitch@gmail.com

**Genres that I am not a good fit for: historical or regency romances, horror/terror, poetry collections, memoir/biography

5} I will return your email with a copy of my YA fantasy/romance. If this genre does not interest you, please do not send your book. No one wants a negative review. I’m so excited to read and make new friends! I will tell you in the email what dates I will be reading your book, so you can read then too, if you choose. My schedule fills fast, so email soon if you have a deadline.


P.S. If my genre is not for you (or yours is not for me), but you like the idea and would like to find a writer to switch with. Post your requests on Twitter at: #2writerswitch

Let’s make a community of authors who share with each other and help with one of the hardest parts of writing: marketing yourself. This is a no-judgment project. Everyone involved is voluntary. Have fun reading!

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