Child of the Heathen

child of the heathen

Child of the Heathen



Lucia Carter Keates


is the newest release from

Rogue Phoenix Press






People are dying inexplicably in Maskek and the local police are divided as to the cause. It’s been happening for centuries.


For Deacon Pierce who has grown up with the legends and mythology of the First Nations Cree, a visit to his teacher’s home unlocks the door to his father’s tortured past.


In 1750 Jonathan Sparkling Eyes Hare signed away his mortal soul and those of his

unborn children, for life eternal: a deal with a demon or a creature of ancient Cree legend?


When nightmares and darker visions begin to affect Deacon’s health and sanity, his white, adopted mother is forced to reveal the truth about his bloodline and the sinister events surrounding his father Jonathan and his lover Damien Drew.


Can past and present combine to prevent Deacon’s death?



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